Fantastic deal, fantastic service!
You guys never stop to go above and beyond to make a customer happy!! I'm almost embarrassed to say I'm just as happy if not happier on this 5500 dollar bike than I ever was on a 15k Street Bob. Bike runs great, has just enough power for its purpose and is an absolute hoot to ride. Thanks to TUG for being simply awesome and helping out where he could!! Seriously... Thank you. The finance manager is also a total sweetheart and doesn't pressure people for additional warranties or gap insurance. That commends respect from me. So Thank you... You guys are great, I've bought bikes here before and will continue to do so as good deals arise. I'll admit you guys tend to have extra fees that some dealerships do not have, the worthwhile deals make it acceptable and rather understandable. Overall. You guys are fantastic. Once again THANK YOU. (Employee: Joe Sasa)
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David Witmer
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