Always gave me a helping hand with my bike and always comes out better than what it did before, these guys work very hard and always will talk to you about anything great people and one of the only stores I feel welcome walking into because most the time I get judged because of the color or my skin, theyre truly one of the best shops you could ever go to I would 100/10 go to this store over any other ones, stores from the past made me feel as if I shouldnt be on a bike these people make want to go faster and work harder than before on my bike, the people in that store care about you and not just about putting extra money in their pocket like most stores, you could have a problem with your bike while riding and they could fix for you over the phone. They know what they are talking about and will go the extra mile without burning a hole in your pockets. I want to thank the guys who work there Ill always keep coming back!!! (Employee: John Davis, Al Cox, Duane Summers, Bryan Harner, John Richards, Nick Duke)
Kadin Black
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