Johns awesome.
I inquired about the mt-03 for my First bike by email after seeing it on CycleTrader, John responded quickly with all the information I needed. Everything was fast & easy and Yvette is great with paperwork. This was a fast process so fast that apparently they forgot to look over the bike before it was posted online forsale. After I got home 2 hours later the GM calls and explains the issue and ask if they can come pick it up from my house & take it back to the shop and do the safety inspection and bring it back tomorrow, because it was never done when the bike was traded in apparently. I wouldve never known it wasnt done, which wouldve been the same thing as buying a used bike from a person off Craigslist, I wanted the security of knowing the bike was looked over by a dealer since its used. But they were honest about the mistake and its honestly not a big deal but I suppose it couldve been. And Im sure they learned not to throw things up on the site forsale until theyre confirmed ready forsale. Johns also the one who came and got the bike & was super professional about the situation. I definitely have a lot of trust in these guys now and couldnt be happier. This is just an honest review Id give a 4.5 if I could. (Employee: John Davis, Yvette Summers)
Mike Edwards
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